Juliette definitely delivered! Five years later, I still continue to be reaping the benefits of her training. Juliette has always been able to find ways to modify exercises so that I could get the most out of an exercise without pain. On more than a few occasions, she had to be creative in adapting an exercise for me. She always found a way to make me do an exercise to strengthen the targeted muscles. In part by Juliette's influence and enthusiasm, as well as seeing consistent improvement in my abilities, I learned to love to exercise, to bike, to walk, to run because I am now able to do so.


I started training with Juliette because I was in constant pain and was limited in my training due to back and neck problems. I was always active, but since I started to have back pain, I had to limit my training and other regular activities. I then sought Juliette's help.

She was able to reintroduce me to exercise and at the same time to give me the assurance that I would not hurt myself and could train safely. Gradually, I got stronger and my back and neck hurt less and less. During that period, Juliette was always caring and supportive.



In mid-2008, recently retired and in good health, I wanted to improve my fitness level.  Because I had a medical history of compressed vertebrae of the lower back, I sought out an experienced and highly qualified trainer with credentials as a certified athletic therapist.  I found Juliette, worked out with her twice a week and made tremendous progress. 

However, by late 2011, I was having to deal with an increasingly painful arthritic hip that I knew would require surgery.  In collaboration with other skilled health professionals, Juliette provided pre-operative and post-operative exercises and support.  Now, at age 71, and two years after the hip replacement, I am back to a full and active life: walking, cycling, snowshoeing, gardening.

I see myself working with Juliette as long as she is in business! Hugely knowledgeable and professional, she has developed personalized and varied programs for me that have effectively addressed the changing physical challenges in my life.  Last, but certainly not least, she has an engaging personal style that builds up a happy and trusting relationship that keeps you coming back.