More than just a workout.

Training with A BETTER FIT offers you the combined principles of Athletic Therapy and Personal Training to help you succeed. The result: you are relieved of aches and pains, resilient to injury, and able to maintain activity for a lifetime.

Residence-Based Fitness Studio

Athletic Therapy

So many people are unable to exercise due to a past injury or accident. Many fear re-injury and are unsure of what exercises are safe and effective.

If this sounds familiar to you, A BETTER FIT could be your solution. Rehabilitation combined with exercise can restore activity; education about how to maintain fitness and function prevents further or new injury.

Complementary Training

Juliette brings her rehabilitative skills to regular fitness sessions, and she brings her personal training skills to rehabilitation. 

If you are free of aches and pains, Juliette's goal is to help you stay that way. If musculo-skeletal problems are getting in your way, Juliette's goal is to get you to the other side of those problems. In both cases, emphasis is on getting you and keeping you functioning. 

Lifelong activity can be your reality.

In-Home Training

A BETTER FIT is a mobile business that specializes in personal training and exercise rehabilitation where you are most comfortable.

For many people, home-based fitness is an efficient, comfortable, and affordable alternative to expensive club memberships. Juliette can help you design a dedicated exercise space that is tailored to your space, budget, and needs.

If you'd rather not exercise at home, Juliette has a private residence-based studio for her clients. When weather permits, Juliette is also glad to take her clients out on Ottawa's extensive pathways and trails.

Whether at home, at Juliette's studio, or outdoors, sessions consist of personal, coached workouts and instructions for exercise activities between sessions. Assessment is ongoing to ensure that you are meeting the goals you've set for your fitness and function.

Be Your Best Self

Seeing results from your hard work is the greatest motivator.

At A BETTER FIT, the combination of athletic therapy principals with fitness conditioning creates an exercise adventure that is goal oriented, safe, and effective.

A goal is a powerful thing. When you add commitment and motivation to the equation, the possibilities are endless.   

At A BETTER FIT, everything starts with a goal, and where it is taken after that is dependent on your needs and how quickly you want to get there. Goals will change with time; therefore, every client's plan is subject to change, constantly providing challenges from one stage of training to another. 

Working towards your fitness goals is an interactive experience between you and Juliette. Feedback is welcomed and strongly encouraged. Client satisfaction is paramount, and it is well known that a client is happiest when set goals are being achieved.


Athletic Therapy: What is it, and what makes it different?

Athletic Therapists provides a variety of care services to assist active people who have sustained or could sustain an injury. This includes:

  • Assessment and care of injuries
  • Conditioning to prevent injuries
  • Equipment selection, fitting, and taping 
  • Evaluation of fitness environments

Athletic Therapists also provide on-field immediate and emergency care of athletic injuries. 

Certified Athletic Therapists are registered with The Canadian Athletic Therapist Association (CATA). To be certified, an Athletic Therapist must have successfully completed a comprehensive theory exam and a subsequent oral/practical exam developed and administered by CATA.

Athletic therapy may be covered under your extended health benefits.

For more information visit the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association and the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario